Light Bulbs has been a long time in coming. For a few years I've been wanting to make a web comic but couldn't come up with an idea I thought I could draw endless content from. Like most ideas, I got the idea for this came out of the blue. I'm not a stranger to making comics, during the 90's I made tons of home made comics. They sharpened my drawing & writing skills immensely. I know the drawing skills aren't reflected very will in this comic. Right now I don't want to deal with a project I feel burdens me. Some times it takes a whole day to draw up a nice comic page when I have the time for it. I am aware the text in this comic needs correction because it's a little fuzzy. That change will happen after the fifth page because only 5 have been uploaded at this point. This isn't the first comic I've done that has been made public. While the home made comics only got shown to family, friends, and my teachers. Two later comics got published, "Catwalk" and "Rotten to the Core". Catwalk was published & printed for the Cecil Whig newspaper most of '00. It focused solely on felines, funny things they do or funny things I could invent them doing. Rotten to the Core was printed in the government newsletter for Americorps *NCCC. It joked on the life of one serving this establishment but mainly it joked on the sickening food members had to eat on base. That comic ran for a short time in '01. Since these two comics I've done "Buck Rogers in the 26th Century", a virtual series that can be easily found online. Working on the series sharpened my writing skills further. It might even continue one day if I can ever gather voice actors to help me move the series to being animated. For over a year on DeviantART.com I've been the workhorse to various comics, all Doctor Who fan based. I agreed and drew for one fanzine focusing on the science fiction series and now it's what people enjoy requesting of me. These comics on DeviantART appear as my modern association towards what I can do. I'm hoping Light Bulbs brings it to the public's attention I can make other comics as well.