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31st Aug 2015, 12:00 AM in Different Paths
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Author Notes:

31st Aug 2015, 12:00 AM
Do not expect this to be a normal style from now on! I got disappointed in what I presented last week with how it looked, especially panel 4. Light Bulbs being drawn by hand is going to be happening until I replace the damaged laptop since it hurts my back to sit at the desktop to work. Because it may feel like a major step backwards to see this comic in black & white again. That's why I went in depth on the detail shown here. Because you would not have seen me do that years ago in the old days. Also I darkened Harold's color text ID, since I noticed it comes too close to looking like Grey's color text ID. This page is being done in nearly the same style I'm presenting for a different comic on DA. That in the next few months, likely will be shown on ComicFury as well.

Speaking of which, here is a PM letter I wrote to the main Admin. here. Which the person, in waiting for days hasn't replied to me. Maybe you guys could give me advice over this matter?



I'm not asking this openly in the forum due to how it's prominent members have treated me many times in the past.

I'm planning on starting up another series on ComicFury, but this series has a complex back history to it. It's because of that why I'm unsure how to present it to new readers. It started as a single fan fiction written in pose format, that then grew into being a trilogy of stories presented that way. Mini side stories in comic format have been made to correspond to the pose ones. Along with a lot of concept art and related art.

Thing is I want to present a new comic series based from every thing that is connected to this. An "afterwards" story to the trilogy. But remember there are side connecting comics to this content. So how can this be presented in CF hosting? Present basically novel length stories and mini comic stories & present a whole new story that branches away from those?

Already I've written out all the series guidelines and have done some concept art for it.