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1st Sep 2014, 12:00 AM in Later and Before the Now
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Author Notes:

1st Sep 2014, 12:00 AM
Now on the verge of another major event! Glendake's coming action is going to reshape this comic's normal ...ah, I feel like I'm giving away too much spoiler here ;-D! You'll just have to continue reading to see what happens next :-).

Nothing really to report right now except a lesson learned about cell phone issues. Get this. By mistake my cell phone dropped from my pocket the other morning, scattering it's screen. Turns out this shot it's touch sensor used when calls are going on. T-Mobile couldn't really do any thing about it, but they told me to go to the Microsoft store over the matter. Saying maybe one of their representatives could turn off the faulty sensor. They couldn't, but they bought up I could just buy a new phone. I wasn't keen on the idea till they told me the cost to replace it. 50 dollars! T-Mobile charged me 120 dollars to buy the original phone, same model.